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Image by Stefan Rodriguez


I believe that being candid and authentic are key to thriving in today’s virtual world. My blog is a place where taking the guesswork out of helping families is at the core of my site’s mission. Connecting with people in a fun, authentic way is what brought me to start Agent Zero to Hero.

I think being a Life Insurance Agent can be as sexy and as fun as any career.  The autonomy, freedom, and income potential is almost unparalleled.  I'm not here to show you how to be like your average Life Insurance Agent.  This site is only for Agents that want to gain more control over their income, by increasing their closing ratio... increasing their overall number of prospects, and doing so in an efficient way so you can go about, spending more time living your best life.

I launched this project, to become a place agents could trust to get genuine reviews of case studies from my own experience so we can ultimately learn together what works or not. So, browse this site, to learn more about what we've been up to and find out what exciting discoveries we've made that can help your business as well. 

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