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Flick the Switch - by Glen Coutinho

Glen Coutinho is a friend of mine... someone I look up to... he is a a savant in his industry, and his character and advice can transcend into any industries. I had the good fortune of meeting Glen in 2019. One of the models I managed also was pursuing a license in Real Estate. And she introduced me to Glen at some function. He is a very charismatic guy. It is not hard to see why he is sooooooo successful.

He eventually hire me on contract to be his YouTube Manager for his amazing Harcourts Beverly Hills office, and his own personal YouTube account. Harcourts Beverly Hills is the premiere office for Real Estate in LA. Check out their website at this link

He made a video dissertation of a letter he wrote to his kids on a plane. I thought it was quite inspiring and I want to share with you guys... Of course Glen didn't know I was living in my car, but some mornings I would play this over and over to remind me of what "hope" felt like. It was special very to me, and if you don't know who Glen Coutinho is feel free to Google him and prepare to be amazed! I reached out to Glen to ask him about me sharing his video here. Of course he offered nothing but his support! Thanks Glen! And thank you all for checking this out.

Glen is an author as well. His book , "The People Lover" is available for purchase on Amazon at the link below... Yes, I'm an Amazon affiliate... so I may earn a commission from any of my Amazon recommendations. But I'm also a huge Glen Coutinho fan! This is a guy with the kind of business I would love, and I try to model aspects of my business after Glen.

THE PEOPLE LOVER - Sales techniques, customer service, mentoring and people skills are just a sample of Glen's expertise. Everyone can learn from Glen how to flick the switch and become a better person, become the best version of themselves!

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