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Social Media Content Offer!!

Hey guys so I came up something unique for your tool belt again! Social media marketing like Instagram and Tik Tok is huge. Billions of people on those platforms! It's a great way to expose our content to people outside of our normal orbit of influence.

I have started shooting "Man-on-the-Street-style" videos interacting with people about our products. These videos could be a great tool for your social media too! Watch the video below for a sample.

I'm producing these videos for my social media, but right now I just had A CRAZY IDEA!!

I can produce these videos for you too! Imagine posting engaging content like this with your Business Number, email, or website on them... Then you can use your own hashtag strategy to drive leads to your social media, and close these deals too! If you're not marketing on social media you are missing out on a free tool to bring you business!

Here's my offer for $100/month:

1) I will send you a minimum of 4 videos each month. You'll be able to post 1 video like this every week to go along with your current social media marketing strategy!

2) Subscription to

Here's ANOTHER special offer!

For $150/month I will give you;

1) The 4 videos per month.

2) Your own 800 phone number extension from

3) Your own private webpage on you can use this webpage to create your professional appearance and share information about you... leveraging your affiliation to

4) When people call your extension you'll split commission with my team 50/50.

5) subscription included.

OR lastly, for just $65/month you can act solely as a Marketing Partner. You'll receive;

1) The 4 videos per month.

2) Your own 800 phone number extension from

3) subscription.

4) You will receive 15% commission on each client you hook through your social media... My closers and I will do all the work, closing the deals for you. Now that is a Done-For-You (DFY) Business!!

Contact Aaron Cox at 424.346.0696 or email to take action!

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