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The Genesis

The Genesis of!

I went to the Family Reunion event for The Alliance in Miami Beach. during the summer of 2023 It was a first class event... The speakers that weekend really brought it! There was a lot of useful information an Agent could use directly in their business, or as motivation for their business.

It was my first time in the sunshine state of Florida, and I loved Miami Beach! The colorful city at night... the beauty during the day. It has all the makings of a travel hot spot destination... you aren't left wanting anything. There weren't any huge professional sporting events like All-Star games, or Championship Series taking place... no huge concerts either or national award shows going on the weekend I was there, but nonetheless it delivered on a very festive experience, straight out of Will Smith's music video "Welcome to Miami." The city is all that it is hyped up to be.

On this adventure I got to meet and bond with other Agents in a way I hadn't experienced yet. The experience was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. One of the things that surprised me was my national ranking on the IUL leaderboard. Going into the weekend I was #15 in IUL production. I also had received notice that I was in the top 25 Rookies nationally for total production in the weeks leading up to the event. So my team had a lot of questions for me about my business process. And there just wasn't the time to talk with everyone individually.

I came away from the weekend thinking about what I could do to help lift the whole team. How could I help new Agents learn to master Digital Marketing skills so they don't have to be that person at the BBQ everyone is avoiding, because they are worried about you pitching life insurance to them? I'm a master of digital marketing, which is the art of bringing the leads to me... What's better than connecting with a person when they are actively searching online, and already near the point of purchase?... Not a whole lot.

So I designed this website for Agents that want to learn to market to potential clients online primarily. Now in my own business I do mix it up with some offline marketing activity as well. I think you'll get the best results by mixing up strategies.

I'm providing "Course Programs" available on this website that I used to gain a foundation of knowledge I could then apply to my own digital marketing campaigns. I invite you to go through the videos I provide, join the group forums to discuss what you are learning with others, and pay special attention to my Blog.

Okay I'll let you get to learning and engaging... and I'll see you at THE TOP!!

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