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Why should you use as a resource for your business?

Well, first off this websites primary function is to help you market your business. Insurance education is a secondary, or even tertiary goal. It is not my goal to teach you the Life Insurance business (that's what your IMO is for) as much as it is my goal to teach you how to market your Life Insurance business. There is a difference. I believe you can be the smartest Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant... even Life Insurance Agent in the world, but that won't do a whole lot of good for you if you don't know how to "MARKET" your business to people that want, or need your services. Marketing equates to money... I know plenty of smart people that don't make money, because they are not interested in "the marketing stuff."

My #1 aim is to help you learn how to market yourself, and your business, so you can make more money... Or as a member of this site, you may inquire to book some of my marketing services for you... So I will discuss some Insurance concepts on this website, especially as it relates to how you market them... but this will not be a comprehensive website on learning the "Life Insurance" business. While it will be necessary to discuss the business of Life Insurance so as to define our target markets from time to time. Our primary focus will be on "Marketing your Life Insurance Business" not on making you a Life Insurance expert.

This website will inform you on how to use digital strategies to market your business. We will also provide "process training" on how to execute some of our tips and techniques. We will share discounts on services, and products we use with clients in our business. We will also provide product/service reviews and case studies on popular, or trending concepts.

So what are you waiting for?... Get to learning, and I'll see you at THE TOP!

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